Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MVC4 Decouple View Data from Database (e.g. for encryption)

The problem: I want to display human-readable data to my MVC View but I want the database to save the encrypted version and likewise when reading from the database. I need to have 2 pairs of getters and setters!

The solution is pretty easy. Create two properties. Mark one as NotMapped and use this for display, including encrypting/decrypting the human-readable data into a member variable and then have another property which is mapped to a column in the database but which is not displayed in the view. Something like this:

private string _code;   // Encrypted version of the code

        [Display(Name = "Product Code")]
        public string Code 
                if (_code == null) 
                    return null; 
                else return Owasp.Esapi.Esapi.Encryptor.Decrypt(_code); 
                _code = Owasp.Esapi.Esapi.Encryptor.Encrypt(value.ToLower().Trim());

        public string EncryptedCode
            get { return _code; }
            set { _code = value; }

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